SeiES board member profile: Samuli

loistava mahdollisuus verkostoitua

Samuli Hast
Hallituksen varajäsen

Hei, Olen Samuli Hast ja SeiESin hallituksen varajäsen. SeiES on loistava paikka luoda kontakteja, olla lähellä työelämää ja kehittää omia taitojaan.

Aloitin SeiESissä toimimisen viime syksynä ja silti tässä lyhyessä ajassa olen päässyt tapaamaan monia mielenkiintoisia ja huikeita ihmisiä. Olen saanut mahdollisuuden päästä mukaan huippuporukkaan jotka tekee monialaisesti töitä yritysmaailman kehityksen eteen.

Hallituksenjäsenenä on loistava mahdollisuus päästä verkostoitumaan koko Suomen ES-yhteisön jäseniin ja tavata samanlaisia ihmisiä eripaikkakunnilta. SeiES opettaa jäsenistölleen työelämästä, itsensä kehittämisestä sekä työpaikan hankkimisesta todella paljon joka tekee toiminnasta mielekästä ja mielenkiintoista.

Suosittelen SeiESiä niille jotka haluavat olla paraatipaikalla näkemässä kuinka tulevaisuuden työelämä kehittyy sekä osallistua sen luomiseen.

The Innovate or Die experience

IOD – Innovate or Die experience
By Andres Mendez

When I heard of Innovate or Die for the first time, I felt that it was something I want it to do.
It really caught my attention the idea of working together with people from other universities in a project from a real company with a real problem. Also the chance to make some extra money seemed like a good idea.
So I signed up hoping to have a good time and to connect with new people.

And yes it was… The experience was great! I was so lucky to be able to work with an international team and to learn a lot from them.
The challenge was not only to be able to come up with a good idea for our company but to be able to function as a team.

Photo by: Lauri Kavio-oja

As a team we functioned well, we divided the different tasks and areas of work according to our gifts and expertise. The process of working together helped us to realise that even though we have such a different background and formation, all of our differences helped us to keep a good flow instead of tearing us apart.
We respected each other and and every idea was a good idea.

I believe every participant will give their own opinion according to their experience but something I take with me are all those things that I had to face, things that I was not comfortable about myself and I am happy to tell that I could overcome. It was a great experience and a honour to be part of one of the winner teams. As far as academically speaking, I earned 2 credits.

Photo by: IOD media team

For more information about Innovate or Die in Finland please follow the link:

SeiES board member profile: György

“the concept of the entrepreneurship societies amazing”

Rettegi György
Board Member

Hello everyone, my name is Rettegi György. I’m a third-year international economics student from Hungary and in this academic year I took part in the double degree programme in International Business at SeAMK.

I was intrigued by SeiES from the beginning of my studies in Seinäjoki, I found and still find the concept of the entrepreneurship societies amazing. At my home university there is basically no guidance for the students on how to become entrepreneurs.

I think SeiES can help all the aspiring people with that, and the members can have useful contacts for their future endeavours. Personally, I met many interesting and like-minded people through this organization: among our members, people who attended our events or at the events of other entrepreneurship societies.

SeiES board member profile: James

“I took the plunge and I’m thankful I did”

James McDade
Board Member

To be honest, I didn’t really know if becoming part of the SeiES team was something that I could take on as a new commitment, let alone, not knowing what I was getting myself into. However, I took the plunge and I’m thankful I did, sometimes heading into the unknown gives you unexpected rewards.

My name is James, a second-year BBA – International Business student, and currently a board member for SeiES, where I look after SeiES’ social media channels. Being part of SeiES does not restrict you to one role, as we have events throughout the year that need different creative, active, and well organised people to make this organisation tick, there are plenty of opportunities to assist in all aspects of SeiES’ operations.

Networking and meeting speakers and students that have an interest in business, have been the highlights for me whilst at SeiES. There is never a dull moment for me, and these new contacts will assist me in my future endeavours in my life after being a student.

SeiES is for all students, students with dreams and wishes and for those still finding their way.


SeiES board member profile: Maria

“minun lukuvuoteni on ollut uskomattomampi, mitä olisin osannut kuvitella.”

SeiES Secretary Maria Helin

Maria Helin

Tutustuin SeiESiin sattumalta viime keväänä, ja syksyllä minut houkuteltiin hakemaan hallitustoimintaan. SeiES ansiosta minun lukuvuoteni on ollut uskomattomampi, mitä olisin osannut kuvitella.

Osallistuin innokkaasti SeiESin mahdollistamiin ja mainostamiin tapahtumiin kuten kolmeen eri innovointi- tai liikeideakilpailuun. Kahdesta toin mukanani palkinnon kotiin. Olen ollut todella onnekas saadessani tutustua SeiESin mahdollistamana Suomen Start Up-sceneen ja tulevaisuuden tekijöihin.

Matkustimme yhdessä ympäri Suomea erilaisissa tapahtumissa ja loimme verkostoja myös pohjanmaalle. Hallitustoiminnassa järjestimme useita tapahtumia, joidenka avulla olen kerryttänyt taitoja mitä tarvitsen työelämässä.

Hallituskauteni aikana nousin hallituksen varajäsenestä sihteeriksi. Sihteerinä olen oppinut vielä enemmän hallitustyöskentelystä, minkä uskon olevan todella hyvä taito tulevaisuuteni kannalta. Suosittelen SeiESin hallitustoimintaa kaikille innokkaille opiskelijoille jotka haluavat löytää oman vahvuutensa sekä saada uusia kokemuksia.

SeiES board member profile: Nora

SeiES Chairperson Nora

“open-minded and willing to learn”

SeiES Chairperson Nora

Hello everyone! My name is Nora and I’m currently the chairperson of SeiES. I’m 25-year-old and third year physiotherapy student. My first year has been very interesting and enlightening for me. I have learned lot of new skills for example, how to manage a board and organize events. I think that SeiES is really good for anyone who wants to get out of their comfort zone, who are open-minded and willing to learn new things and skills. In the future I will be entrepreneur in someway because of SeiES.



Dream Big


Entrepreneurship is a way of life and most of the time, it’s attitude that counts.DaretoDream

In the beginning of this week I had the honor to attend SeiES Dare to Dream event and give a speech about my thoughts of entrepreneurship. Once again, thanks to SeiES for granting me opportunity to speak in the event and I’m happy to help in the future. Here’s the speech in text form below.

My story:

These fine SeiES people have put up a society which was launched in the end of April this year. Within this five months of society’s existence, this is a second event I’m attending to, yet there’s been almost three months of summer holiday during this five months. First time I heard about entrepreneurship societies, was in the end of May this year. My good friend and co-owner of our company took part of Get Together event in Tampere. He met people from other societies and found out that there was one launched in Seinäjoki too. So I sought information about these societies, got excited about it, contacted these people and here we are.

I find the role of these entrepreneurship societies very important. They bring together people with same kind of mindset. The entrepreneur’s mindset. But besides of bringing together people they can also provide information about entrepreneurship for those who are not yet sure whether they want to be entrepreneurs now or little later.  However, students are perfect soil to shape the attitudes towards entrepreneurship since they are the influencers of the future. The point is not to make everyone as an entrepreneur but to increase the understanding about importance of entrepreneurship. There’s no doubt that companies and their entrepreneurs are the cornerstone of economy. More they grow, the more they gather good people around them to work with. In some occasions it’s also called employment. Everyone here probably understands benefits so there’s no reason to continue this list.

As from the educational point of view, I find the entrepreneurship as a valuable period of study. No matter how you succeed but entrepreneurship is always a lesson. You have to master various areas of business from finance to leadership. Specially the latter. Entrepreneur is always a leader. When you employ people, you must lead them. Even if you work alone, you have to lead yourself. Entrepreneur has the liberty to work whenever, wherever and however he or she decides. But liberty is the greatest prison of all time. Or at least that’s what Finnish punk band Pelle Miljoona sang. It means, if you can’t lead yourself to perform well enough, the liberty will turn against you and eventually you’ll fail. Fortunately leading yourself is not rocket science but normal people with common sense will do just fine.

Tonight’s topic is Dream Big. Core idea of company or a business is to grow. In Finland we’ve gone wrong with the business culture since we admire businesses that produce the same turnover year after year with little profit out of it. But business and entrepreneurship is about taking risks. Controlled risks. Some years, specially in company’s early years may the financial statement show negative numbers. But sometimes it’s inevitable because of investments for example. Of course there’s nothing bad about steady income and stable business. If it’s your passion, then by all means, you’re free to do whatever you want with your business. I don’t mean to categorize entrepreneurs here. I find no entrepreneur better than the other. Common thing for most of entrepreneurs is a dream or vision about something to achieve. If you dream of monthly income of 2000€, that’s what you work for. If you dream of building a car that doesn’t need a human to drive, then that’s what you work for. Our dream is the key thing. It is the throttle to an engine. When you stop dreaming the engine will run but it runs with low and steady pace that doesn’t take you forward. Dreaming big makes you reach for things and work harder. That’s how you move forward. Sharing your dream with others makes you more engaged with your dream and again makes you work harder to achieve what you dream of.

Our company’s history goes back to 1989 when our father-in-law started his debt collection agency. His dream was to be an entrepreneur, to be responsible of his own actions and to have the liberty to spend his own time however he wanted. Debt collection business has gone through many changes within those 28 years and company has changed as well. But the biggest change of company took place in the end of last year. Our father-in-law decided to retire and pass his dream on to next generation.

I have a military background. I’ve been working for state for about fifteen years. First time I ever considered entrepreneurship was more than ten years ago. It all started with network marketing and I pretty quickly noticed that it wasn’t for me. Then couple of years of silence and then I began to train football and basketball referees and consult with transportation of dangerous goods on road. (Pretty similar branches as you can imagine). As a full time entrepreneur I started in beginning of this year. I find myself meticulous, punctual and active person. These features helped me in my work as military officer but I’ve found them good features for entrepreneur also. Yet, in my opinion, one of the most important features in entrepreneurship is knowing your numbers. I love numbers. Loving them is not necessary but you have to know them. Or at least you must have someone with as big interest as yours working with you who knows the numbers. If you don’t know such numbers as turnover, expenses and cashflow, you better go and work for someone else. Also choosing people you want to work with is one of the great benefits of entrepreneurship.

One of the hardest parts of military work was taking orders from superiors when you knew you could’ve done the task better with your own way. Of course the entrepreneurship is full of challenges and human relationships are not sunshine and happiness all the time but when you choose how you spend your time the odds that you spend more time with friends are better. And good friends are something that make this extra fun. I probably wouldn’t have jumped out of the social security network and begun to employ myself unless there was my good friend and equal owner of our company, Juha. And even if I did start by myself, the company wouldn’t be in this state after nine months. We make a perfect team. Juha has the skills to marketing and sales and I love numbers and administration. We are sharing a same dream and same values.

With our company, we also have a dream. We want to grow and eventually we want to be the most wanted partner in credit management business. That is our vision that is printed behind our business cards and stands on our website. Our core values are helping, appreciation, quality, punctuality and lifetime learning. We aim to change the debt collection business. We aim to improve the image of debt collection business and make it sound more positive. Our focus is in helping companies to improve their credit management and cashflow by fair and quality debt collection process. We care about our customer’s customer relationship and we protect it. We dream about making difference and earning money at same time. We both can rely on that other takes care of his part and works hard for common dream.

Now ladies and gentlemen I’ve realized one thing during my short career as an entrepreneur and I tell you this. If you have an idea or a product that fulfills people’s need, you have a good start. But the idea or product itself does not make you an entrepreneur. An entrepreneur dreams of gaining something big with the idea. An entrepreneur keeps working hard for the dream without counting hours. Entrepreneurship is chasing dreams every day and those dreams are what make entrepreneurship worth it.


Dare to dream.

Jussi Saarijärvi

Entrepreneur, Perintäritari Oy

Englannin kieli

Englannin kieli

Englannin kieli – mörkö olkapäälläni


Kaksi vuotta sitten aloittaessani opinnot SeAMKissa, suurin pelkoni oli kielten opinnot. Minua ei pelottanut se, kuinka opin latinaksi ihmisen lihaksiston ja luuston tai kuinka opin analysoimaan ja ohjeistamaan ihmistä hänen tuki- ja liikuntaelimistöön liittyvissä ongelmissa. Minua ei myöskään pelottanut, kuinka pärjäisin vieraassa kaupungissa ja opiskelijaelämässä. Ei. Suurin pelkoni oli englannin kieli. Koska minähän en osaa englantia, en sitten yhtään.

Englannin kieli

Kuullessani ensimmäisen kerran SeiESistä mielenkiintoni kyseistä yhteisöä kohtaa heräsi välittömästi. Kuinka hienoa! Pääsisin kiinni yrittäjyyteen ja yrittäjämäiseen ajatteluun heti opiskeluaikana.. mutta enhän minä voi lähteä toimintaan mukaan toimikielen takia. Enhän minä pärjäisi yhteisössä, jossa kokoustetaan, suunnitellaan ja toteutetaan toimintaa englanniksi. Koska enhän minä osaa englantia, en sitten yhtään. Päätin kuitenkin lähteä ystävien kannustamana SeiESin ensimmäiseen tapaamiseen. Ilta meni mukavasti ja sain keskusteltua jonkin aikaa tuttujen vaihto-opiskelijoiden kanssa. Hei, minähän en kuollutkaan, vaikka mokasin enkä osannut lausua muutamaa sanaa oikein!

Ensimmäisen tapaamisen innoittamana lähdin perustamiskokoukseen mukaan. Enhän minä nyt voisi hallitukseen hakea, koska en osaa englantia, mutta kyllä minä toimintaan voin lähteä mukaan rivijäsenenä. Astuessani kokoustilasta ulos SeiESin puheenjohtajana kaudelle 2017-2018 olin kauhuissani. Ei tässä näin pitänyt käydä! Enhän minä osaa englantia, en sitten yhtään. Miten minä muka selviän tällaisesta vastuusta? Aivan varmasti mokaan ja puheenjohtaja vaihdetaan lennossa henkilöön, joka osaa englantia paremmin kuin minä.

Tässä sitä kuitenkin vielä ollaan. Ei ole yksi eikä kaksi kertaa, kun olen kokouksissa ollut kieli solmussa hankalien uusien sanojen kanssa tai jäätynyt kesken lauseen, kun en ole löytänyt oikeaa sanaa sanavarastostani. Mutta hei, olen silti vielä hengissä, vaikka olen kesken kokouksen joutunut kysymään selvällä suomen kielellä ”miten tämän asian sanoisi järkevästi” tai ”mikä tämä sana on”. Kun olen saanut vastauksen, on kieli vaihtunut takaisin englanniksi.

Syksyllä hallituksestamme lähtee kolme jäsentä Saksaan vuodeksi vaihtoon ja sen vuoksi järjestäydymme uudestaan 11. syyskuuta. Silloin on oiva tilaisuus yhteisöstämme kiinnostuneilla saapua paikalle kuuntelemaan kokoustamme sekä asettumaan ehdolle hallituksen jäseneksi. Kuka tahansa jäsen voi asettua ehdolle vuosiluokkaan, opintolinjaan tai englanninkielen taitoon katsomatta.

SeiES on yhteisö, jossa on matala kynnys saapua harjoittamaan omaa englanninkielen taitoaan. Meidän kokouksissa on sallittua jäätyä kesken lauseen ja kysyä, että mitenkäs tämä nyt sanottiinkaan.

”Kun astut pois mukavuusalueeltasi, ihmeitä alkaa tapahtua.” Tämä on yksi niistä monista elämänohjeista, joita olen alkanut viimeisen vuoden aikana noudattaa ystävieni, erityisesti yhden jonka luokittelen mentorikseni, kannustamana. Mielestäni kyseinen sanonta pitää hyvin paikkaansa. Kun uskallat astua pois arkipäiväisestä ympyrästäsi, ihmeitä ja uusia jännittäviä tapahtumia alkaa ilmestyä elämääsi.

Astu sinäkin pois mukavuusalueeltasi, liity jäseneksi, saavu SeiESin ylimääräiseen yhdistyksen kokoukseen ja hae hallituksen jäseneksi. Pystyt kyllä siihen! Minäkin pystyn istumaan pöydän päässä johtamassa kokouksia, vaikka en ainakaan omasta mielestäni osaa englantia .

Ihanaa ja ihmeitä täynnä olevaa syksyä teille jokaiselle!

Nora Yliviikari

ps. Jos et vielä ole jäsen, voit liittyä täältä: 

Greetings from the President

Welcome to blog of Seinäjoki Entrepreneurship Society!

Blog of Seinäjoki Entrepreneurship Society

Hi, my name is Nora Yliviikari and I am the president of Seinäjoki Entrepreneurship Society – SeiES. Before telling you about SeiES, I will say a couple of words about entrepreneurship societies. The first one was founded in 1992 in the Silicon Valley, USA, “by a group of successful entrepreneurs, corporate executives, and senior professionals (”.  Step by step similar societies have been founded all over the world. In Finland the first entrepreneurship societies were founded in 2009 by students of higher education. During that year, AaltoES and Boost Turku were founded. Today we have 19 entrepreneurship societies in Finland and our SeiES is the youngest one of them.

Our story started at the beginning of 2017 and we have been a registered society since 21.4.2017. We are a non-profit association for students of higher education in area of South Ostrobothnia. We accept also alumni and support members. We co-operate with local companies and organizations. SeiES is run by students and its board is multidisciplinary. At the moment, we have students from five different bachelor level degree programmes and three faculties. Our vision is to be known as a local startup factory.

We want to encourage students to become entrepreneurs and inspire, develop and help them discover entrepreneurial thinking and mindset. Even if a student does not plan to become an entrepreneur in the future, we believe that it is very good to own an entrepreneurial mindset. This kind of mindset helps the student to stand out from a mass in both life and working field. It also brings extra value to their future employer. In the future, we will offer seminars, trainings, boot camps, mentoring and many other interesting events. We hope to see many of you in our upcoming activities. For students, we offer an environment where they can enhance their English skills and develop different kind of skills for their future career. Our events and projects will give work experience to volunteers. We want to create a community where people want to dream, innovate and give birth to new ideas.

Dream Big Scrabble Quote Note Message (
Dream Big Scrabble Quote Note Message (

Our board will use the summer to plan upcoming events and activities, so remember to follow our social media channels to see what we are planning. Take time to do something that you enjoy, charge your batteries, walk your head high in the clouds and dream big. I want to wish you all a warm, beautiful and relaxing summer full of adventures!

Best wishes
Nora Yliviikari
President of Seinäjoki Entrepreneurship Society – SeiES

P.S. Don’t hesitate to contact me: nora(at)