SeiES board member profile: Pauliina

“you do not have to lock yourself in one role”

SeiES Treasurer Pauliina

Pauliina Mäntylä

For me SeiES means an opportunity to peek into the current and future business life with less seriousness. It has also taught me many things about entrepreneurship and working life that you do not learn at school.

I think the best part of SeiES is networking. I have met other active students from other entrepreneurship societies from all over Finland and many other interesting people who work as entrepreneurs, in businesses and organizations. These networks have been helping me throughout my current career and continue to do so even after my time at SeiES board.

I have not really considered myself as only the treasurer. That is also one good thing about SeiES – you do not have to lock yourself in one role. You can actually be a part of all associations’ activities if you want to. Together with other SeiES board members we have organized and visited awesome events and created a wide cooperation network for the association!

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