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Do you have a business idea? Would you like to know what the experts think about it? Could it be developed into an actual business?

GrowUp Students is a coaching process and growth competition for the businesses and business ideas of the students.
The price for the winner of the competition is 1000€, the second and third get 500€

Each idea will be handled CONFIDENTIALLY!

Your idea does not have to be ready. During the competition you will receive personal guidance from the experts to clarify, develop and measure your business idea. Coaches help you take your business idea forward and even develop it into actual businesses.

Who can participate?
Each higher education student in the area of South Ostrobothnia is entitled to participate in the competition. The students can participate in the competition alone or as a team.

What kind of idea should I have?
Every business idea, a product or service, is worth presenting if you believe in it. You are not obligated to take your business idea into action but the competition will surely encourage you to do that.
You can also participate in the competition with an already existing business.

How can I participate?
Sign up for GrowUp Students at: latest 8.10

Further information for students
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Would you like to be a coach in GrowUp Students?
We are looking for business life experts and professionals to take the students’ business ideas to next level. The coaches bring their expertise and vision as well as mental and social capital for the support of all the competitors.

Coaching of the businesses and business ideas is done in three themes:
1) Business idea as a whole
2) Marketing and sales
3) Finances, resources and network

Each competitor has a possibility to discuss with two coaches for 20 minutes/coaching theme. The purpose of the coaching is to encourage and support the student to take their business ideas into action.

Coaching at GrowUp Students is based on volunteering, so no compensation will be provided for the coaches. Signing up as a coach does not obligate you to take part to all of the sessions – with an adequate amount of coaches we will ensure the presence of a suitable group on each session.

Sign up as a coach latest 30.9 through this link:


Pre-coaching sessions
Seinäjoki Entrepreneurship Society – SeiES will coordinate the pre-coaching sessions of the competition.
Follow us on Facebook to see the exact program and schedule!

  • Business idea as a whole
    • Tuesday 3.10 at 16-18. Trainer: Erkki Petäjä from Solutum Oy
    • Frami F, auditorium F209, 2nd floor.
  • Sales and marketing
    • Tuesday 10.10 at 9-11. Trainer: Anu Yliselä from Myynninmaailma
    • Frami F, 7. heaven. (Take the elevator form the Sodexo cafeteria to the 6th floor)
  • Finances, resources and network:
    • Monday 23.10 klo 12-15. Trainee: Timo Maunula from Suomen Yrittäjäopisto
  • Pitching:

Opening Seminar 2.11, at 9:00-11:30, Frami F, auditorium F110
The Opening Seminar will create a right atmosphere for the competitors. There will be inspiring business world speakers at the seminar. Students, entrepreneurs or anyone interested in the growth of a company can join the seminar.

Program and schedule of the opening seminar will be published soon!

Pitching day 7.11, at 8:00-14:00, Frami F, auditorium F110
On pitching day each student or team will present their own business idea for the judges. Judges will choose 12 best for the competiton and coaching.

The schedule of the pitching day will be published when the number of participants is known.

Competition and final 21.11, klo 8:00-16:00
On competition and final day each competitors presents their business idea for two experts in three coaching themes. There is 20 minutes time to discuss about each theme. When each of the competitors have went around all three coaching theme points, the judges will retire to think about the finalists. 5 best business ideas get to the final. These five students/teams get to present their idea for the judges. Each will have a three minute pitch again.

The speakers and schedule for the competition and final day will be published soon!


Do you want to support the competition?
Companies, organizations and associations have an opportunity to support the competition. Please contact if you want to support and be visible at the competition.




Jennika Hakola
040 830 0445



Sign up for the competition latest 8.10:

Coach, sign up latest 30.9:



Grow Up has been a successful business growth competition for SME’s ( It has been arranged in South Ostrobothnia for years but now the competition is taking a new form. This time the higher education students in the area of South Ostrobothnia get to test their business ideas. GrowUp Students competition is arranged for the first time at SeAMK during the upcoming fall.

The competition is not being reinvented since GrowUp Students takes its cue from the predecessor. GrowUp Students is a coaching process and growth competition for the business ideas and businesses of the higher education students in the area of South Ostrobothnia. This competition is an excellent kickstarter for taking your business idea into action.

Students who take part into the GrowUp Students competition get personal guidance from experts related to clarifying, developing and measuring the business idea. The coaches help students take their business ideas forward and develop the ideas into actual businesses.

The price for the winner of the competition is 1000€, the second and third get 500€ each!