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Being part of an Entrepreneurship Society in Finland is great!

Entrepreneurship Society actives around Finland

My name is Jan Porema and I am Vice Chairperson of Seinäjoki Entrepreneurship Society – SeiES. During this summer I had great opportunity to participate couple big business/startup events in Finland, as you might have noticed from our social media channels. I also have been benchmarking Startup Journey in Turku.

These events have been great and I will tell you little bit more about them below. Before that I want to say that best part of these events have been other Entrepreneurship Society actives that I have met. It is awesome to spend time with people who are so positive, goal orientated and helpful.  With their attitude they will make sure that future will be bright, interesting and FUN!

I really recommend you to participate with any event where you can meet ES actives and network with them.

You can also become one yourself from here 😉

*ship – The Startup Festival

Ship festival was in Kotka 11-13th July, 2017. It was arranged by PatteriES, local entrepreneurship society. They had very interesting speakers, awesome sidetracks and also the 100 startups pitching their business idea.

During Tuesday we had Entrepreneurship Society general meeting with actives from different ES’s and we were planning co-operation for upcoming months and years. After that there was official opening event of the festival.

Wednesday morning I participated General University Summit sidetrack. There teachers and professors all around the world together with ES actives developed future of higher education in workshops . It was awesome experience, I learned a lot and got very good connections. Only sad thing was, that I couldn’t see all 100 startups pitching their idea. Later in the evening there was cocktail event for networking more.

Thursday morning started with keynote speeches and there were four hours filled with twelve awesome world class speakers. During the afternoon was Pitch Captain competition top 10 final with the main prize of 5000€. Originally there was one 5,000€ prize available for best team but since the level of the competition was so high, actually judges decided to give two teams 5000€. It was very high quality competition and great final!
At the evening there was closing gala and award ceremony for all the winners. There was food, drinks and live music available and I had great time with other ES actives.

I highly recommend you to go next year to *ship and see this event yourself!

Pitch Captain final had lots of startups from business accelerators arranged by Entrepreneurship Society
Pitch Captain competition final in Kotka

Shift Business Festival

Shift was awesome event, held 31.5-1.6. with so much content that it was literally impossible to participate or even see everything. Boost Turku, local entrepreneurship society, was one of the organizers of the event.

There was many different venues with speakers, there was pitching competition with 10,000€ prize, there were thousands of entrepreneurs and investors meeting each other and so much extra content that it is very hard to even start to describe. You just have to see it yourself!

I arrived to Turku already one day before the event, because Boost Turku arranged  Entrepreneurship Society meeting in SparkUp Turku. It was very relaxed event with lots of good conversations and nice atmosphere.

First day of the Shift I used by walking a lot around the huge event area and checking different company booths. I listened just couple of those interesting keynote speeches.

At the evening there was very cool after party  arranged in old prison Kakola. There was three big floors full of cool decorations, different kind of musics, meeting areas and activities. There were couple thousand participants in the party.

Second day of the event I was concentrating to listen keynote speeches and to follow Pitch competition finals. During the breaks we just chilled out in the grass with other ES actives and had again interesting conversations.

I highly recommend also this event for you next year!

Shift Business Festival
Shift Business Festival

Slush is coming

Next very big event where you can participate and meet great Entrepreneurship Society actives is Slush in Helsinki 30.11–1.12.

It will be awesome event with many things to learn and with great networking opportunities.

Read more from here http://www.slush.org

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