Volunteers in events

You are needed!

Entrepreneurship societies and other organizations in Finland are arranging awesome events but they would never be possible without all the volunteers who help to arrange them.

I was telling in my last post about the great events that I participated during the summer and how great they were.  But how many volunteers are needed to make these kind of events?

Answer you can find from the pictures below.

Shift volunteers
Shift volunteers
Slush volunteers
Slush volunteers

As you can see, there is hundreds or even thousands of volunteers making these kind of big events happen. Even in our first event, The Beginning, there was three awesome volunteers.

During the upcoming months and years SeiES is arranging many different events and we want to find awesome people to become volunteers. We form project group for each event and activity and there is plenty of things to do.

Benefits for volunteers

We can provide great work experience, awesome community, good platform to practice your English. Our projects are place to build networks and work with real life cases that can help your studies and future career.

Certificate of Project Work
Certificate of Project Work

We also give certificates for people, which you can use when you apply for a job.

You should apply to be our volunteer if you can answer yes to any of these:

  • Do you have some special skills like image editing, programming, photography,  etc?
  • Do you want to practice marketing, event organizing or some other things?
  • Are you just eager to be active and to gain great experiences and new friends?

To apply, send email to board@seies.fi and tell us little bit about yourself and what you would like to do or learn and what are you interested in. When we have projects available, we will then contact you.

To see our upcoming events, check http://www.seies.fi/#upcoming


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