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Branding on Social Media and Digitalizing Business


Our interns are currently incredibly busy with all the super exciting events we have coming up, so I decided to take it upon myself to be helpful and write about the latest thought-provoking Into Seinäjoki event we went to.

The event was held in the trusty restaurant Idea, where Into Seinäjoki hosts many of their events. And I can see why – the name truly suits their events, and the location is very convenient. It can be found from Frami D, so basically on our campus!

I was intrigued as soon as I walked into the restaurant: the cosy warm lights illuminated a rather colourful group of people – it was instantly clear, that the event’s topic was one that touches entrepreneurs from every industry. During the evening we heard two different presentations about branding on social media and digitalizing your business: Alex Kivimäki, Nicolas Kivimäki and Matias Järvinen from Simplynet and Marja Nousiainen aka FutureMarja.

The speaker choices made for a quite interesting juxtaposition – Simplynet consists of three young students who started a business together while Nousiainen has years and years of experience in the field. Even though Nousiainen gave the trio a friendly challenge once or twice, in the end they all agreed on the topics and gave the listeners some really useful tips.

Did you know you could hide your hashtags on an Instagram post by first commenting on your own post with, for example, an emoji, and then posting your recommended 30 hashtags as a reply to that comment?

Have you considered making a long-term investment in your personal brand by reserving a website domain with your own name before your namesake snatches it from under your nose?

And most importantly, have you thought about investing in your self-development by attending these fascinating events? If not, I can definitely recommend doing so! Check out Into’s event calendar:


Valtteri, Chairperson

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