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Business Breakfast with Into Seinäjoki and The Other Danish Guy

This autumn’s first (and hopefully not the last) Into BB was held in restaurant Idea in Seinäjoki. Pinja and I joined in to check out this kind of event and of course we were excited to hear what The Other Danish Guy’s Tommi Lähde is going tell us about his story and career. Into Seinäjoki gave us the opportunity to make a two short interviews (you can watch one of them below).

I’d participate this kind of business breakfasts more often, not only for a great breakfast but also because it’s informal and relaxed place for networking. Our seats were drawn and that method worked well in this kind of event. Maybe it was the breakfast which made the situation so cozy that I didn’t even notice that I was actually networking during the conversations. For what it’s worth, there seemed to be smiling faces on every side.

What comes to Tommi Lähde’s speech, I learned a lot again. Hearing someone’s honest story with its ups and downs is the best way to understand your own life decisions and steps as well.

Here are a few things we should all remember whether we were entrepreneurs or not:

Be honest. First to yourself and then to others. Lying to yourself is the easiest way to get in trouble and lying to others makes you look like an idiot. These lies that Tommi talked about weren’t huge or stupid lies. Those are the kind of lies that you think necessary to keep up for success, high quality life, good looking friends or partners. The more honest you are to yourself the more human and realistic person you are to others. Most of us want to start conversations (or eat breakfast) with real person, not to someone who is on the top floor.

Don’t follow all your ideas, they will follow you if they’re important. As a spontaneous person, it’s easy to get excited about everything around you. You don’t have to say ”yes” to every cool or fancy idea. If those ideas are really worth implementing, they will follow you and they won’t disappear. You won’t forget them.

Don’t push your idea to be bigger, it’s enough and it already exists. One thing you should remember is that if you have an idea and it follows you, you don’t have to make it be something else or something bigger. It’s already a good idea. It’s already in your head and you can start with that one thing. It’s enough.

Success or a new car shouldn’t be your goal. If you do your job just to gain new car, power or fame, you will lose yourself. If your dreams are outside of yourself and they depend on circumstances you surely become unhappy. Even if you get everything you dreamed of, it’s not enough. If you want to reach happiness you should tell your idea to others and make it real. If it grows then new car will come after that. Or not.

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