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Mallaskoski Brewery Tour

Updated: Nov 23

SeiES recently had the opportunity to go on a private tour of the popular Mallaskoski Brewery. It was an interesting experience for our members as we learned about the history of the brewery, the ingredients they use, and how they make their products. We even had the chance to taste a few of their most popular products. This tour was hosted by Sanna Harju, an entrepreneur and the CEO of Mallaskosken Panimoravintola. Mallaskosken Panimoravintola is the restaurant that is connected to the brewery and not only do they offer delicious food but they also offer tours and tastings of the brewery.

This opportunity was presented to SeiES by one of our board members Riikka Ruhberg, who had been employed there since the start of the summer. During the tour she acted as the translator for the members who were not fluent in Finnish.

The brewery was first opened over a hundred years ago and went through many ups and downs, even surviving during prohibition by making a "lemonade" drink. It had a period of over ten years left abandoned and empty but was opened again in the 90s. Today they are in the top 15 microbreweries in Finland and have several unique craft beers that can be found all over Finland. They use local ingredients and have even created their own Lingonberry Cooler Long Drink. Mallaskosken is the story of preservation and innovation. It was a pleasure to hear about its history and to get a taste of it too. Our members had a lot of fun and will definitely be back!

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