New Autumn, New Adventure

Three weeks ago we started our internship at Seinäjoki Entrepreneurship Society, or SeiES for short. And as you can read from their websites:

”SeiES wants to inspire students

to become entrepreneurs and

help develop their entrepreneurial mindset.

The students can get contacts and

skills which benefit their

future career – whether it is

as an entrepreneur or employee.”

Lots of entrepreunial thinking. Entrepreunial platforms, innovations, inspirations and ideas. These three weeks we’ve little by little figured out that ”entrepreneur” is not as bad or scary word as we’ve thought. We’ve also noticed that our excitement is growing up. Entrepreneurship seems to be so much more than stress, pain or struggle. As we want to learn how to make different kind of events, we want to understand more about entrepreneurial thinking.

But what are we really doing here(while we’re not thinking scary words)

and who are we?

Both of us are studying cultural management at SeAMK. Sanna is creative and spontaneous person and she is more interested in communication, event planning, service design, and coffee breaks. Pinja is adventurous and easy-going person who is also master piece of event management but she also makes a great impression in visual production. Pretty good team, I think?

As always in the beginnig, the whole nine yards feels same time exciting, fun, scary and chaotic. Calendar is almost full, coffee package is almost empty and first events are just around the corner.


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