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Planning and Problem Solving go Hand in Hand

Updated: Nov 18

Planning is the process of efficiently reaching your goals.

Problem solving is what you must do when your plan no longer works.

There's a simple tool I like to use when I’m making plans. It's good for all kinds of plans like planning for summer vacation, planning a Christmas party, planning a group project, etc. It helps me focus and get things done.

The What, How, When, Who, planning tool is easy to use.

  • What has to be done? What do you need to do? This is where you figure out what tasks need to be completed.

  • How are you going to do it? This is where you figure out how to complete the tasks.

  • When will you do it? When will you or someone else complete the tasks? Set a timeline of when it needs to be started and when you think it will be completed. It is really important that you set deadlines.

  • Who will do it? Who will be responsible for each task? Will you do it yourself, or are you part of a reliable team that you can delegate tasks to? It is important to make clear who is res

ponsible for each task. If something isn’t done or goes wrong, who will take responsibility for it?

What happens when things don’t go according to plan?

You create a new plan! You can use the What, How, When, Who Planning Tool to help you find a solution and come up with a new plan.

  • What is the problem? First you must figure out what is wrong. Describe it as accurately as possible. The better you understand what the problem is, the faster and more effectively you can solve the problem.

  • How will you solve the problem? You need to think about all the possible ways this problem could be solved. You need to give careful thought to what you will need and any additional information you have access to. Then choose the best solution.

  • When will you solve this problem? It is important to figure out the order in which you need to complete each step towards solving the problem. Sequence is important, especially when things are time sensitive. Sometimes doing the most important steps first, can solve the problem and you can move on.

  • Who will take responsibility? There could be a lot of steps towards solving the problem. If you are in a team, each person must take responsibility for a step to ensure it gets done.

Problem solving is planning when the facts have changed. You have new information that no longer fits into the original plan. To get things done, whether it is with the original plan or when problems start occurring, the What, How, When, Who Planning Tool can be used.

I hope this amazing tool will help you as much as it has helped me!

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