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The Good, The Bad and The Millennials

Last week we participated in Into Seinäjoki’s event The Good, The Bad and The Millennials where Atte and Karoliina Mellanen gave a wonderful speech about millennials. As a millennial myself, it was great to hear how to manage and work with us, who are millennials and how we differ from other generations.

Here are few top things that I learned:

- I should read the book Hyvät, pahat ja millenniaalit.

- Now 50% of workers are millennials. In 5 years 75% of employees are millennials.

- Working life can’t stay the same. Millennials will have jobs that are not even created yet.

- This generation shares similar ideologies, problems, attitudes as well historical or social experiences.

- There are too many stimuli today and we are in a constant alarm state.

Atmosphere of the event was cozy, instructive and gorgeous. Rytmikorjaamo’s space, where the event was held, was beautifully lit and safe space were taken care of.

This was my first Into Seinäjoki’s event and I will attend to many more.

Check out Into Seinäjoki’s events if you want to learn something new and you are an entrepreneur.

And last but not least here is a link to Atte and Karoliina Mellanen’s book:

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