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Who are INTO Seinäjoki?

If You are looking to start en business? Looking to find professional advice on starting your own business in Seinäjoki? or Just looking to invest in Seinäjoki? INTO is your place to go.

Into Seinäjoki Oy is the City of Seinäjoki’s development company. Their usual customers are businesses that are starting, developing, and investing in the region.

Into Seinäjoki mind goal is to help you succeed and develop Seinäjoki to become an even better business environment.

Into Seinäjoki services are:

Start a Business

Into Seinäjoki diverse assistance is available to help you develop and refine your business idea into a prosperous company. With a start a Business services you will receive:

- Group Coaching: There are five group meetings in Business Ideas Fly coaching. The coaches and group members spar, you train.

At the end of the coaching, you have a ready sales pitch for customers, partners and financers, and the knowledge and tools to write a business plan. The coaching is an entity.

Your idea is refined more effectively when you participate in every coaching evening. The program is free of charge for you.

- Personal Sparring: You will get to know your idea, and we clarify your business idea’s distinctiveness, challenges, and possibilities, and we make a concrete continuation plan.

Be prepared for the following and further questions: What is the core message of your business plan? Who is your potential customer? Who are your strongest competitors? How will you stand out from your competitors? What does the customer buy from you? What makes the customer choose precisely your product or service?

Expand your business

A Few hours of sparring to refine your business, tips for new premises lead to international trade. These are a few examples of the services we offer to companies seeking growth. We will also gladly help your business.

- Business sparring: A quick method to identify your business's strengths. Company-specific sparring or in a group of 3-4 businesses.

Sparring themes include, e.g., know-how, personnel, customers, competitors, differentiation, visibility, marketing, sales, finance, and risks and protection.

- International Markets: Are you looking for agents, distributors, or suppliers in Europe? The Business Contact Database service with 5 500 companies allows you to look for distributors, partners, or technological cooperation from all business sectors and offer your own skills to others.

- New customers: Are you looking for new partners or customers? You can find over 5,000 company contact details from the Seinäjoki company directory service.

- Skilled workers: Do you need support in seeking new skilled employees? By posting your open vacancies in the Work in Seinäjoki service, you’ll get free web and social media coverage for your business and participate in our recruitment campaigns.

Why you should start your Bussiness in Seinäjoki

Seinäjoki is Finland’s best place for businesses. That is why it is easy to welcome all new companies to Seinäjoki. One of the central roles of Into Seinäjoki is to support companies to relocate to the region. With you, we will look for new customers and partners, premises, land, and skilled workers.

Visit their website for more information:

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